Whats the deal?

Growing up amongst a family of musicians, singer and guitarist Joey Barro immediately found a connection with the songs he heard when the sun went down and the guitars came out at family get-togethers. Van Morrison, Simon & Garfunkel and lots of Dylan could often be heard with a low hum emitting out from the walls of the Barro house. As he grew, his love of music and the classics only got stronger and his taste developed with the years. While his influences are clear, he does not set out to replicate the originals, but to acknowledge and update them.

Written as almost a chronological window into the mind of Joey Barro, this aptly titled record was created over a period of greater than a year with the collaboration of long time friend, touring companion, and now producer Tim Bluhm (Mother Hips). This unique approach was by no means an accident, as Barro prefers to keep his diary in the form of his songs, keeping fresh records of exactly where he is at each point in his life. Originally meant to be the next record from The Antiques, Barro’s long time band, this departure that was realized through open experimentation became an entirely new project, and thus The Traditionist was born.

The Fine Print

  • Debut record Season to Season released digitally via Better Looking Records March 10th, 2009 and physically via Banter Records May 12th, 2009
  • Confirmed upcoming live sessions on Daytrotter.com and LiveDaily.com
  • Upcoming West Coast tour to coincide with the release

What You Don't Know About Joey

  • His Ms. Pac Man high score is 300,000+ (with no continues!)
  • He makes an insane hand tossed pizza
  • He graduated from UCSB with honors in Economics


  • "The Traditionist is a breeze that whirls the spirits of Dylan, Springsteen, and Young, but drifts off into its own atmosphere." - Caleb Morairty, Better Propaganda

  • "Hints of the Shins, and with country-tinged harmonies and lonesome slide guitars complementing Barro's earnest vocals, [it] will get under your skin quickly." - Spin Magazine

  • "They use their sound for what it's truly meant to be, a vehicle not a crutch. And even though their tone sounds so classic and so genuine, somehow they also pull off one of the freshest sounds I've heard in a long time." - Kinky Origami

 - Tracks - 

  1. Shallow Winter's Moon
  2. A Sleep Be Told
  3. Only a Nightmare
  4. Driftwood Doll
  5. Make Believe Tree
  6. No Self Portrait
  7. My Train
  8. Pet Elephant
  9. Satchel Paige
  10. To the Parlor
  11. Answer Phone
  12. I Know My Ocean

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